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TOAMIT Japan Virus Shut Out Disinfection Principle

In the period of virus infection,it is the necessary thing in the office and at home,which will reduce the 90% risk of being infected.,By continuously sending out the lowest concentration of chlorine dioxide harmless to human body, widely neutralizing and decomposing viruses and bacteria in the air, making it lose its transmissibility, it has a certain principle of action, Japan has a special press release on this

Purify air, overturn traditional disinfection concept


Applicable scenario

Similar to a portable air purifier, the card itself is only the size of a pocket and can be worn across the chest or carried around in a pocket to isolate allergens such as disease, disease, smog, smoke, pollen and other allergens in the air!

Step 1
Step 1:The sterilization mechanism

When chlorine dioxide comes into contact with pathogenic microorganisms, it releases the oxygen of the new ecology to produce a strong bactericidal and disinfection effect. This strong oxidation makes the amino acids in the protein on the viral capsid and the bacterial cell membrane oxidize and decompose, destroys the enzyme system, and achieves the purpose of inhibiting its survival and killing it.(enzyme: composed of protein molecules and phospholipids;Protein is an important substance that mediates the metabolism of cells and organisms, and is the embodiment of all life activities

Step 1
Step 2:Formaldehyde-removing mechanism

Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) has a highly efficient decomposition and neutralization effect on formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases in the air, which can quickly oxidize and decompose formaldehyde to produce a little carbon dioxide, water and inorganic salts.The free chlorine dioxide ions in the product can be adsorbed in the dust in the air and fall to clean the air.The equation is as follows :CLO2+5HCHO→5C02+4H++4CL-+3H20 (conditions: normal temperature)

Step 1
Step 3:Deodorization mechanism

Chlorine dioxide reacts with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methanthiol, trimethylammonium, nicotine, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and other odourless substances in the odor of putrefaction (putrefaction of meat, fish, etc., putrefaction of household garbage, smoke and feces), and rapidly oxidizes and converts the odor substances into other odorless substances, thus achieving the purpose of deodorization.It does not react with organic chlorine, do not form trichloromethane and other carcinogenic compounds.Use chlorine dioxide solution to scrub the refrigerator, can achieve the role of eliminating odor;Use chlorine dioxide in toilet, can remove stink quickly.!